Jean-Paul Gaultier AW 1986 "Russian Constructivist" belt in black

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Extremely rare and historically important Gaultier piece! The year 1986 was particularly significant, as the Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev’s complementary policies, perestroika and glasnost, found their place on some of fashion’s greatest runways as what we can refer to as ‘fashnost’. Although a handful of designers created ‘fashnost’, Jean Paul Gaultier’s pieces were arguably the most expressive, focusing on the early period in the ussr’s history during which the Russian Constructivist art movement formed and thrived. In his collection, Gaultier utilized many of the techniques and motifs from the Constructivists’ body of work, capturing the essence of their aesthetic by integrating Cyrillic letters and numbers in block type, linear and geometric forms, and photomontage in his garments and accessories. Good vintage condition, some wear on the letter are showing but it only adds a flavor to the overall look. A similar belt in white is also available, see a separate listing. Size 75, will fit a waist 65-75 cm